APIModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class APIModule.
ActionsModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class ActionsModule.
SitesManagerModule::addSite() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
Piwik::actions() — Method in class Piwik
Get actions (hits) for the specific time period.
UrlQueryBuilder::add() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::addAll() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder


PiwikServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class PiwikServiceProvider
Bootstrap the application events.
UrlQueryBuilder::build() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
RequestOptions::build() — Method in class RequestOptions


ContentsModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class ContentsModule.
Piwik::convertUrl() — Method in class Piwik
Convert URL from HTTP to HTTPS and vice versa.
ConfigRepositoryClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Repository
ConfigTraitClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Traits
$ConfigTrait#configProperty in class ConfigTrait


Piwik::downloads() — Method in class Piwik
Get file downloads for the specific time period.
$PiwikServiceProvider#deferProperty in class PiwikServiceProvider
Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.
DateTraitClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Traits


EventsModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class EventsModule.


FileConfigRepositoryClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Repository\Config
RequestOptions::flattenArray() — Method in class RequestOptions
FormatTraitClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Traits


Piwik::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class Piwik
Get the registered name of the component.
APIModule::getPiwikVersion() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getIpFromHeader() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getSettings() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getSegmentsMetadata() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getMetadata() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getReportMetadata() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getProcessedReport() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getReportPagesMetadata() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getWidgetMetadata() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::get() — Method in class APIModule
APIModule::getRowEvolution() — Method in class APIModule
ActionsModule::get() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageUrls() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageUrlsFollowingSiteSearch() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageTitlesFollowingSiteSearch() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getEntryPageUrls() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getExitPageUrls() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageUrl() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageTitles() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getEntryPageTitles() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getExitPageTitles() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getPageTitle() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getDownloads() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getDownload() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getOutlinks() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getOutlink() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getSiteSearchKeywords() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getSiteSearchNoResultKeywords() — Method in class ActionsModule
ActionsModule::getSiteSearchCategories() — Method in class ActionsModule
ContentsModule::getContentNames() — Method in class ContentsModule
ContentsModule::getContentPieces() — Method in class ContentsModule
EventsModule::getCategory() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getAction() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getName() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getActionFromCategoryId() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getNameFromCategoryId() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getCategoryFromActionId() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getNameFromActionId() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getActionFromNameId() — Method in class EventsModule
EventsModule::getCategoryFromNameId() — Method in class EventsModule
LiveModule::getCounters() — Method in class LiveModule
LiveModule::getLastVisitsDetails() — Method in class LiveModule
LiveModule::getLastVisitsDetailsParsed() — Method in class LiveModule
last_visits_parsed Get information about last 10 visits (ip, time, country, pages, etc.) in a formatted array with GeoIP information if enabled.
LiveModule::getVisitorProfile() — Method in class LiveModule
LiveModule::getMostRecentVisitorId() — Method in class LiveModule
Module::getOptions() — Method in class Module
ProviderModule::getProvider() — Method in class ProviderModule
ReferrersModule::getReferrerType() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getAll() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getKeywords() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getKeywordsForPageUrl() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getKeywordsForPageTitle() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getSearchEnginesFromKeywordId() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getSearchEngines() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getKeywordsFromSearchEngineId() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getCampaigns() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getKeywordsFromCampaignId() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getWebsites() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getUrlsFromWebsiteId() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getSocials() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getUrlsForSocial() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getNumberOfDistinctSearchEngines() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getNumberOfDistinctKeywords() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getNumberOfDistinctCampaigns() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getNumberOfDistinctWebsites() — Method in class ReferrersModule
ReferrersModule::getNumberOfDistinctWebsitesUrls() — Method in class ReferrersModule
SEOModule::getRank() — Method in class SEOModule
SEOModule::getRankFromSiteId() — Method in class SEOModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesFromGroup() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSiteGroups() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesFromId() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSiteUrlsFromId() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getAllSites() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getAllSitesId() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesWithAdminAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesWithViewAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesWithAtLeastViewAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesIdWithAdminAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesIdWithViewAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesIdWithAtLeastViewAccess() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
SitesManagerModule::getSitesIdFromSiteUrl() — Method in class SitesManagerModule
VisitorInterestModule::getNumberOfVisitsPerVisitDuration() — Method in class VisitorInterestModule
VisitorInterestModule::getNumberOfVisitsPerPage() — Method in class VisitorInterestModule
VisitorInterestModule::getNumberOfVisitsByDaysSinceLast() — Method in class VisitorInterestModule
VisitorInterestModule::getNumberOfVisitsByVisitCount() — Method in class VisitorInterestModule
VisitsSummaryModule::get() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getVisits() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getUniqueVisitors() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getUsers() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getActions() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getMaxActions() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getBounceCount() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getVisitsConverted() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getSumVisitsLength() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
VisitsSummaryModule::getSumVisitsLengthPretty() — Method in class VisitsSummaryModule
Piwik::getActions() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Actions module.
Piwik::getAPI() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the API Module.
Piwik::getContents() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Contents Module.
Piwik::getEvents() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Events Module.
Piwik::getLive() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Live Module.
Piwik::getProvider() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Provider Module.
Piwik::getReferrers() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the Referrers Module.
Piwik::getSEO() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the SEO Module.
Piwik::getSitesManager() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the SitesManager Module.
Piwik::getVisitorInterest() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the VisitorInterest Module.
Piwik::getVisitsSummary() — Method in class Piwik
Initialise the VisitsSummary Module.
Piwik::getTag() — Method in class Piwik
Get javascript tag for use in tracking the website.
Piwik::getCustom() — Method in class Piwik
Create a custom request N.B. It is safer to raise a GitHub issue to request another API method.
QueryDate::getPeriod() — Method in class QueryDate
QueryDate::getDate() — Method in class QueryDate
QueryDates::getInstance() — Method in class QueryDates
QueryDates::get() — Method in class QueryDates
ConfigRepository::get() — Method in class ConfigRepository
Retrieve a configuration item.
FileConfigRepository::get() — Method in class FileConfigRepository
Retrieve a configuration item.
GuzzleRequestRepositoryClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Repository\Request
RequestOptions::getFormat() — Method in class RequestOptions
ConfigTrait::getSiteId() — Method in class ConfigTrait
Retrieve Site ID from configuration.
ConfigTrait::getPiwikUrl() — Method in class ConfigTrait
Retrieve Piwik URL from configuration.
DateTrait::getDate() — Method in class DateTrait
Get QueryDate object from period name.


Piwik::keywords() — Method in class Piwik
Get search keywords for the specific time period.


LiveModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class LiveModule.
Piwik::last_visits() — Method in class Piwik
Get information about last 10 visits (ip, time, country, pages, etc.).
Piwik::last_visits_parsed() — Method in class Piwik
Get information about last 10 visits (ip, time, country, pages, etc.) in a formatted array with GeoIP information if enabled.


ModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module


OptionClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Config
Piwik::outlinks() — Method in class Piwik
Get outlinks for the specific time period.


PiwikExceptionClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Exception
PiwikClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Facades
ProviderModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class ProviderModule.
PiwikClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik
Class Piwik.
Piwik::page_titles() — Method in class Piwik
Get page visit information for the specific time period.
PiwikServiceProviderClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik
PiwikServiceProvider::provides() — Method in class PiwikServiceProvider
Get the services provided by the provider.


QueryDateClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Query
QueryDatesClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Query


$Module#requestProperty in class Module
ReferrersModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class ReferrersModule.
PiwikServiceProvider::register() — Method in class PiwikServiceProvider
Register the service provider.
RequestRepositoryClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Repository
RequestOptionsClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Request


SEOModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class SEOModule.
SitesManagerModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class SitesManagerModule.
Piwik::search_engines() — Method in class Piwik
Get search engine referer information for the specific time period.
Piwik::seo_rank() — Method in class Piwik
Get SEO Rank for the website.
Url::setScheme() — Method in class Url
Url::setHost() — Method in class Url
Url::setPort() — Method in class Url
Url::setPath() — Method in class Url
UrlQueryBuilder::setModule() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::setMethod() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::setDate() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::setSiteId() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::setFormat() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
UrlQueryBuilder::setTokenAuth() — Method in class UrlQueryBuilder
RequestRepository::send() — Method in class RequestRepository
Send a request to the Piwik API.
GuzzleRequestRepository::send() — Method in class GuzzleRequestRepository
Send a request to the Piwik API.
RequestOptions::setMethod() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::setSiteId() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::setFormat() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::setArguments() — Method in class RequestOptions


Piwik::tag() — Method in class Piwik
Get javascript tag for use in tracking the website.


Piwik::unique_visitors() — Method in class Piwik
Get unique visitors for the specific time period.
UrlClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Query
UrlQueryBuilderClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Query
RequestOptions::usePeriod() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::useSiteId() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::useFormat() — Method in class RequestOptions
RequestOptions::useTokenAuth() — Method in class RequestOptions


VisitorInterestModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class VisitorInterestModule.
VisitsSummaryModuleClass in namespace RobBrazier\Piwik\Module
Class VisitsSummaryModule.
Piwik::visits() — Method in class Piwik
Get all visits for the specific time period.
Piwik::version() — Method in class Piwik
Get Version of the Piwik Server.
FormatTrait::validateFormat() — Method in class FormatTrait
Check format against allowed values.


Piwik::websites() — Method in class Piwik
Get referring websites (traffic sources) for the specific time period.


Module::__construct() — Method in class Module
Module constructor.
SEOModule::__construct() — Method in class SEOModule
SEOModule constructor.
Piwik::__construct() — Method in class Piwik
Piwik constructor.
QueryDate::__construct() — Method in class QueryDate
Date constructor.
Url::__construct() — Method in class Url
Url constructor.
Url::__toString() — Method in class Url
GuzzleRequestRepository::__construct() — Method in class GuzzleRequestRepository
ConfigTrait::__construct() — Method in class ConfigTrait
ConfigTrait constructor.